Computer Vision Quality Control System

As general practice, manufactured goods go through a quality check process prior to shipment to customers. This check is usually done by humans leading to errors and mishaps. Computer Vision Quality Control Systems aims to eliminate these errors by utilizing cameras and advanced image processing algorithms to identifiy manufacturing defects thus stopping shipments. Defect detection can vary from scenario to scenario however most common ones are artwork check, missing unit, incorrect artwork, physical defect on the item. Decision of the quality control is made in under 2 seconds through advanced machine learning algorithms.

AGV Management System

Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) are used to transport pallets from point A to point B. This route is manually setup on each AGV. Such an operation brings overhead to manufacturing operations. AGV Management System integrates to company’s ERP/MRP systems to collect work orders, raw material availability and manufacturing line status in order to plan optimum pickup and delivery of items by AGVs. Each AGV can be monitored on a virtual map in real-time. System is able to provide performans metrics of AGVs as well as their charge status. In case an AGV requires recharge, system is able to direct the AGV to closest charging station.