Workflow Management & Financial Forecasting


We design and develop to one of the giant FMCG manufacturers, Approve enables almost a thousand happy users who can manage their procurement process in a paperless environment through web and mobile channels. Company is able to perform procurement trough the system in a multi-entity multi-currency environment. In operation in 15 countries, users are able to catalog items, manage budgets, create contracts, raise purchase orders and track their spending through invoice process in an integrated environment to SAP, JDEdwards and e-Government.


Promolizer enables companies to predict and track their promotion activities based on advanced return on investment calculations. Companies can create a promotion activity based on channels, retails or even geographical groups and predict the estimated return on investment (ROI) based on the promotion parameters. These parameters can be adjusted by sales and markleting teams in order to simulate the return against changing criteria. Solution is tightly integrated with various data sources such as Hyperion, ERP and other POS systems as well as retail B2B infrastructure to capture validated data. This data is then used by advanced machine learning algorithms to estimate the ROI. Integration with Hyperion enables full visibility and bias analysis between estimates and actuals from finance point of view.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Stock movement is crusial for every company. Having this on our mind, we have developed Warehouse Management System (WMS) with most advanced Technologies so that companies can tract their inventory, calculate stock rotation rates as well as palette inventory in real time. Backed up with Barcode and/or RFID tags, every finished good, semi-finished good or raw material can be tracked in real time. Solution is designed to operate in mobile handheld terminals for great accessibliity as well as supports integration with the company’s ERP/MRP system for master data management and two-way integration for movement transactions.

Meeting Room Management System (MRMS)

MRMS delivers a visually stunning meeting room information signage solution to companies. Solution runs on special hardware and software which is able to handle virtually unlimited number of meeting rooms. Every meeting room is fitted with an LCD screen which is able to display name of the room, agenda fort hat day, information about ongoing meeting – such as the organizer, attendees and name of the meeting – as well as the status of the room. Meeting information can be captured from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or other data stores company utlized. Content can be customized as per company’s branding.


Employees face errors, issues and technical difficulties on Daily basis while working on corporate applications. Most companies require users to log their issues to an issue tracking system for fastest remedy and tracking of allocation of support resources. To ease the logging process fort he user, we have developed U-Log. When user faces an issue with an ERP operation, printing or mailing issue, all they have to do is to click a button in system tray. U-Log will automatically capture the application, capture screen content and ask user’s description of the problem. Once this information is collected, U-Log dispatches it automatically to appropriate support group.