Software Integration

Software integration is the communication between programs running on different platforms using a reliable infrastructure. Depending on the need, this service allows data flow to be carried out as one-way or two-way.

The application integrates the outputs produced in existing machines and enables the system to work in an integrated manner. Businesses prefer the support of software integration as it reduces extra costs, labor and time loss.

What are the Benefits of Software Integration?

In addition to cost reduction, the greatest convenience for businesses is saving time. Considering that two different platforms that do not communicate with each other, work like a single program, is among the clearest examples of this.

For example, the process of continuing to work integrated with the accounting programs of e – commerce sites that sell online is called software integration. In other words, it is easier to use the two programs in an integrated way without the need for extra employees, device costs, or time.

Security Matters

Security issues may arise without the use of proper software integration. A security breach can cause information leakage and expose the company. With the help of the right security measures, software integration can avoid any problems. Therefore, it is important to work with an expert team to prevent security vulnerabilities.

You Can Avoid Errors With Autonomous Use

Software integration eliminates the risk of incorrect workflow or incomplete processing. In regards to the delivery of a product and information, data is transferred autonomously without human control. This prevents any discrepancies or loss.

  • There is no conflict between systems: Since different programs are prevented from creating, interpreting and outputting different units, there are no conflicts or numerical changes.
  • Employees are aware of their responsibilities: Because the workload is handled by a single program, your employees are aware of their responsibilities. This eliminates unnecessarily delayed work.
  • Systematic working principle: The biggest advantage of software integration is that it supports systematic workflow. You can easily transfer data, as you directly transmit many transactions systematically.

4A Labs Integration Services

4A Labs has the ability to integrate with multiple distribution systems around the world. For example, in Chile, we recently integrated UBER with the national Tax Office, ensuring that all UBER travels are legally billed.

Whether nationally or internationally, we can integrate e-Government, IFS, JD Edwards, SAP, QuickBooks, 1S, Logo, Netsis and many other ERP / MRP systems according to your needs.

Our Projects

Uber / TradeFive

Gönder Al / Moneygram