Quality Control Systems

4A Labs develops software solutions that automate the quality control processes of manufacturing companies. Our team consists of an expert staff with Mathematics and Computer Engineering backgrounds who use their knowledge in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Software development and consultancy services are provided for medium and large scale companies in order to optimize production stages by using artificial intelligence and image processing techniques together. This ensures that the product produced meets the predetermined criteria by the company and will identify problems that hinder production stages as well as automatically turn solution suggestions into management support reports.

It is an automation system in which the completed products, that are progressing towards the packaging area, are controlled, by using camera and image processing algorithms.

The image from the cameras positioned on the production line is programmed to check the minimum characteristics of the product in question. Production problems such as a missing part of the product, bad or defective adhesive label, or wrong artwork are identified and reported to the production manager in less than 2 seconds.

Identity and Photo Control Software

4A Labs, with its Neural Networks, can detect whether documents such as identification cards or similar documents are fabricated or not. The information obtained from the identification card is checked with MERNIS and provides clear results regarding the authenticity of the document declared. The technologies we develop can be integrated into all kinds of CRM, ERP and MRP systems through API points.


Computer Vision QA

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