Distributor Management System

Our custom designed and developed web and mobile distributor management software uses state of the art technologies, while integrating real-time with ERP platforms. Using the system, distributors can place and track all of their orders across local and international markets. Distributers can view, in detail, their real-time financial data including invoice, payments, credit balances, bonuses, discounts, and promotions. The system also provides a number of detailed reporting functions utilizing its Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

What Can Be Done with the Distributor Management System?

  • You can collect orders directly on your own website, by providing a username and password to the current accounts in your Commercial Program.
  • Distributors can easily find the products they want to order, with the help of the advanced search engine, and place an order.
  • Distributors can see their current account, invoice details and balance, and receive their own statement.
  • You can share your stock cards, product prices and promotional campaigns in your commercial program with all distributors.
  • It can integrate with your existing commercial program and provide instant data integration.
  • It can be updated continuously with new demands
  • It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Yandex and Google Chrome