PPE Check

Personal Protection Equipment

PPE control system detects, through computer vision, whether the personnel are wearing the required protective equipment before entering industrial work areas.

Why is PPE important?

Employers are obliged to provide protective equipment based on the requirements of the job. This equipment protects workers against health and/or security hazards.

However, just providing protective equipment may not be sufficient enough. Unwanted accidents can occur as a result of employee negligence.

At this point, PPE Control systems can detect the incomplete use of safety equipment by employees and send the necessary warnings. As a result, minimizing health and safety hazards in the workplace

What Should Be Done for More Employee Safety?

Many injuries can occur in the workplace, including breathing in chemical substances, materials damaging eyes or skin, or fallen heavy objects. After providing equipment to protect them from these accidents:

  • Use the PPE control system to track whether or not equipment is in use
  • Check regularly that the PPE system is actively used
  • Reminder to update changes in equipment, materials and methods