SEO” is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. “SEO optimization” can be performed by considering one or more search engines. Thanks to optimization, website content can be ranked higher in search engines, which provides significant gains to the relevant website and its partners.


SEO tools” include various auxiliary tools. Thanks to these tools, search trends in different countries or regions, difficulty levels of words and related keywords can be easily listed. Moreover, the last time this data was updated and statistics related to the web pages being studied can also be revealed. Most of the tools are paid and require a certain amount of know-how for effective use. Working with various companies and agencies operating in the field of optimization can increase your potential for success.

What is SEO?

What is “search engine optimization?” A web page administrator or a company working for a related site always wants the site to be more known and clicked. Moreover, if visitors are attracted to the site with the right keyword, the reading rate of the content and the possibility of selling the related product, if any, will increase.

Search engine optimization definiton“, in summary, is the work carried out to ensure that a web page ranks at the top of the selected search engine. These studies are in the field of “digital marketing”. Search engine optimization is one of the most important activities in this field. Ads, social media and web software development are also considered within the scope of digital marketing.

You can benefit from optimization services in line with the needs of your web pages through a search engine optimization company. So what benefits does “search engine optimization” work bring?

  • Your website traffic increases.
  • Your content is read by the right audience.
  • You rank higher in search engine results.
  • Your products and services reach a wider audience.
  • A marketing activity with high return potential is carried out.
  • The authority of your site increases before search engines.

SEO Services

What is “search engine optimization definition?” As we mentioned before, web pages are compatible with search engines in every sense. The codes, design and layout of the website, as well as the written content, must be compatible with the optimization criteria. Various plugins, tools and software can be used for this purpose. The authority of search engine friendly sites also increases.

The results of the words entered in the search engine may be related to the internet history of the person and the related words searched. In order to prevent this from affecting the search results, the incognito tab feature of different browsers can be used or various software can be utilized. Thus, it is possible to learn which web page ranks higher for which word with greater accuracy. You can get search engine optimization service from an IT or software company. This service generally includes the following topics;

  • Web design
  • Backlink
  • Content planning
  • Web software development
  • Tools usage
  • UI/UX design

Local SEO

In optimization studies considering search engines, the choice of region is very important. If the company / business wants its content or products and services to reach more to which region of the world, the work should be carried out for that region. For example, the headings in the Our Services section of the web page should be translated into the desired languages. Content for each language and region should be created by considering separate optimization criteria.

The most searched words in English may be different from those in German. The main reason for this is that different user audiences are more interested in different topics. This can be observed even in different regions of the same country. For example, someone searching for search engine optimization meaning in Oregon and someone in Kentucky may get slightly different results.

Google” is the most preferred search engine in the world with a usage rate of approximately 90%. Therefore, Google algorithms are generally taken into account in optimization studies. Of course, in line with the demands of customers, work can also be carried out for search engines such as Bing, “Yandex“, Baidu. Due to Google’s usage rate, the search algorithms of other browsers are also significantly similar to Google.