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Man Down

Safety Project

The Man Down system is a software developed to allow workers, especially when working alone, to automatically make calls, when faced with an unusual situation or threat. This system, which is used in many countries within the scope of occupational health and safety, is activated automatically in case of emergencies that are predetermined and identified in the system.

Man Down, a GSM-based signaling system, is useful in that it includes the location information of the place where the automatic call is made.

In order to use the Man Down system;
• Man Down device
• Indoor detectors
• GSM network
• Monitoring software
• No additional apparatus is needed except for mobile phones where the software communicates automatically.

Since it is a system that is used completely with radio waves, it does not need an infrastructure installation or a wired system.

The Man Down system can be operated manually or in some cases it is automatically activated. The system activates itself when it recognizes certain conditions such as an employee that does not move or remains in one position for a certain period of time.

In such cases, the device first warns the employee to turn off the alarm. If it is not turned off within a certain time, it sends an alarm signal to other devices. The call is automatically answered after the signal and makes a high decibel sound, making it easier to find endangered personnel.


This system is used for security purposes especially in the field of workplace transportation.

When reports on occupational accidents are examined, it is seen that most of the accidents are related to injury by a moving vehicle. Proximity Warning Security System is widely used in construction sites or construction companies, warehouses, waste and recycling facilities, quarries, mines and ports.

Radio frequency technology is used to create an invisible area around the vehicle used for transportation. If personnel enters this detection zone, an audible and visual alarm is triggered, the machine operator is warned that someone has breached the zone, and data logging of the zone violation is activated.

As a result to this system;
• The risk of workplace transport accidents is reduced
• Existing security is more complete
• Data recording and analysis of triggered events are used to prevent subsequent accidents
• The 360 ° customization of regions and shapes make it adaptable to any environment and condition

HSE on Air


HSE on Air is an application designed for field workers to always know the importance of occupational safety in daily life, to easily report unsafe situations and to follow certain actions accordingly.

Tool Box: The application regularly shares the training documents with the users and monitors the completion status.

Applications: Shares daily video content and keeps track of viewing rates on an individual basis.

Firewall: The application reports security status on a monthly or weekly basis, such as road safety incidents, lifesaving rules violations or possible serious security incidents.

HSE Test: Shares daily video content and keeps track of viewing rates on an individual basis.

Unsafe Status Report: Helps to report short pictures or videos for unsafe conditions detected on site or site.

Emergency Calls: Shows the emergency phone numbers that the user can reach.