Exclusive Invoicing Solutions

4A Labs is the exclusive Fin-Tech solution provider of UBER delivering services in Tax Id Enrollment, Invoice Generation, Invoice Integration with Tax Authorities in various countries. We provide reporting, reconciliation, electronic-signature and ERP/MRP integrations of UBER financial operations to regulated government and tax authorities.

e-Invoicing Compliance Software

4A Labs e-Invoicing Compliance Software is the platform that controls the entire Electronic Tax Document (DTE) Issuance and Reception process and Electronic Purchase and Sale Tickets for B2B and B2C processes, respectively, integrating these processes with the corresponding Tax Authority (SII).

  • The integration between 4A Labs and the SII is done through web services. 4A Labs developed a Portal for internal users of JUMP, where they will be able to review all their documents issued and received, using the following modules:
  • Emission Environment Module: It will allow the manual and massive generation of DTEs and Tickets.
  • Office of Parts Module: It will allow reviewing all the documents issued by JUMP providers and their validation statuses according to what is indicated by the SII. This only applies to DTE.
  • Document Manager Module: It will allow to review all documents issued with their generation / acceptance statuses and received documents (already processed in the Parts Office Module).
  • Control Panel Module: It will allow users to make configurations for internal JUMP users, manage the pages, manage the digital certificate, configure templates, configure distribution rules for issuance and automatic claim rules for reception, in addition to configuring security policies.
  • Report Module: It will allow users to see the number of documents issued / received and the status of the SII.