What is 4A Labs Academy?

4A Labs Academy is a vocational training program designed to benefit multiple areas.  Our trainings aim to eliminate the shortage of qualified individuals needed in the IT industry as well as offer new graduates an opportunity to gain professional experience.  Trainings are also open to individuals with a basic level of software knowledge, who want to improve themselves in this area.

Our trainings are provided by experienced specialists from 4A Labs. Internships and job opportunities may be offered to the participants of the training, where direct sectoral knowledge and experiences will be shared.

Who can join 4A Labs Academy?

4A Labs Academy is aimed at people who want to pursue a career in the software industry. Participants for our training programs include:

  • Graduates from departments such as software/information/programming, etc. without industry experience.
  • Individuals committed in the field of software who want to improve their skills and knowledge by participating in larger projects.

What to Expect from 4A Labs Academy Participants?

4A Labs Academy was established to address the demand for qualified and specialized individuals needed in the software industry. The opportunities we offer during the training are the following:

  • Vocational and applied training
  • Internship in 4A Labs projects
  • Opportunity to work within 4A Labs at the end of the internship
  • Opportunity to take part in national and international projects

When Do 4A Labs Academy Trainings Start?

Applications for 4A Labs Academy training started in August 2021 and the course program will start in September 2021.

What is the Content of 4A Labs Academy Trainings?

Although the scope of the trainings will be expanded in the future, frontend and backend development trainings will be given in the September program.

Send your application and CV to 4A Labs Academy by filling out the form below: