Since 2014, 4A Labs has been working toward adapting a Research & Development (R&D) culture, making things more efficient and effective, ensuring continuous improvement and development to offer new products with innovative approaches.

As a result of its scientific, technical, know-how use of new applications, in May 2021, 4A Labs earned the title On-Site R&D Center.

Within our R&D center, we have successfully completed more than 30 projects. With the power that comes from our experience; We have 5 ongoing R&D projects in order, to create added value in the product system or process of our work.

Why is R&D important?

R&D is the center of innovative breakthroughs that ultimately benefit societies or consumers. Projects are executed with the mindset of innovation, invention, and progress.

The advantages of R&D projects include funding, collaboration, and reputation. R&D Grants make it possible to cover costs in development and implementation. The effort put into each project promotes the ability to exchange and develop new ideas. While the continuous work to develop new technologies and systems, allows us to produce more with less resources.

At 4A Labs, using our increased collection of knowledge, our R&D center continues its creative work to design systems and applications with new software.