Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a program/software specific to a company, to make the production, communication, or workflow more efficient and effective. The most important feature of custom software is that it is not intended to satisfy a standard need.

Software designed by custom software development companies is prepared directly for the company. Each company has its own structure and functions. Custom software refers to software made specifically for companies.

Company-Specific Custom Software Development

First of all, what is software? Let’s answer this question. Software is a collection of instructions and data that tell a computer how to work (Wikipedia). The main function of the software is to ensure that electronic devices perform the desired tasks. For this, different coding languages are used. It is not possible to operate electronic tools without software.

Electronic devices, hence, software, are used in all areas of life today.  There are two basic types of software, depending on the purpose for which it works.  The first is standard software and the second is custom software. Each has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s look at standard software and custom software in detail.

Company-Specific Custom Software Development
Standard Software

Standard Software

Standard software is a type of software designed to meet specific needs, performing similar tasks. Standard software is usually designed on a sectoral basis. The features of standard software are as follows:

  • Designed according to the industry to meet a need
  • Prepared as a package to offer low costs
  • Used by different companies in the same industry
  • Usually leased for certain periods with license fees
  • Easily integrated into devices such as computers, phones, tablets

Custom Software

Unlike standard software, custom software is specially designed for a company’s product or service. Custom software determines what the company needs and creates their specific solution. The features of the custom software are as follows:

  • Prepared in accordance with the structure of the company
  • Integrated into the existing system without interrupting the company’s production process
  • Prepared to integrate with other software and systems owned by the company
  • Improves the efficiency and profitability of the company
  • Designed considering the current needs of the company as well as the future needs
  • Owned by the company, eliminating costs such as license fee or rental fee
  • Focuses directly on the shortcomings of the company
  • Many processes can be controlled from a single center, simplifying management and business processes
  • Provides detailed reporting and analysis
Custom Software
What are the Benefits of Prop specific software to companies?

What are the Benefits of Prop specific software to companies?

Companies provide products or services based on a need in the market. In return for this service, it wants to grow and increase its profitability. In this context, the main production elements of companies are manpower and machinery. Within a successful system, manpower and machines work in an integrated way.  Custom software enables the existing company system to work in the most efficient way.

Companies can consist of different departments. However, these departments need to interact with each other at certain points. Custom software makes the workflow more efficient and enables communication between employees. Moreover, custom software is designed on your company’s existing system. Thus, no changes are required to the production process of the company. The software is adapted directly to the system and the deficiencies in the system are eliminated. In this way, efficiency and therefore profitability increase.

Custom Software Process

As 4A Labs, we have been developing different software to meet the needs of global companies for many years.  The valuable work involved in developing custom software specific to companies are as follows:

  • Analysis: First, our priority is to know your company. We analyze your production processes, systems and features of the systems in detail and determine your needs.
  • Planning: After determining the needs of your company, we plan all the processes of the custom software suitable for you. At this stage, all the details of the software and processes are created within a certain program.
  • Design and Coding: Within the planning, we design the visual design of the software, the user interface, its features, as well as which systems to integrate it into. Then we input the necessary codings for the design within the desired characteristics. At this stage we encode all the features of the software with different coding languages.
  • Test: After the design and coding part of the software is finished, our testers check all the features of the software. As a result of the tests carried out with different tools, necessary revisions are made and retested if needed.
  • Integration and Broadcasting: The software is finalized and integrated into the company’s system after passing all the tests. The personnel are given the necessary trainings and the software is ready to be used.
  • Service and Maintenance: Any problems that may occur, after the software goes into use by the company, are immediately intervened and the problem is fixed. The software is maintained at regular intervals.
Custom Software Process