Digital Healthcare is comprised of many aspects and preventive healthcare is valued as one of the most basic services. In today’s world, there are various software solutions that are used to benefit from these services more efficiently and easily.

Digital Healthcare services combine medical services with health institutions. Advanced technologies can improve the experience of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Digital Healthcare Application

4A Labs’ state of the art mobile application allows users to automatically interact with the hospital over the internet, make appointments, see medical results, get online consultation with doctors, psychologists and dietitian. In addition, it provides the ability for home services (medical equipment, lab exams, nurse home visit etc.) from the hospital and ensures that all processes are followed. It also contains the Analysis data that the users will need.

Healthcare Management

A well-planned management system in Healthcare benefit both visitors as well as the medical establishment. For example, advanced software can provide an important convenience for online examinations, which gained popularity, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remote video examination options, using with appropriate software, can also add more convenience and a variety of services for patients.

Remote video inspections are particularly suitable for several branches. For example, fields such as dermatology, urology, and psychiatry.
Important criteria include:

  • User friendly and appealing design
  • Easy to use functions for making appointments, obtaining records, etc.
  • Content management system, i.e., CMS

Healthcare Professionals

A successful and professional Healthcare platform pays special attention to technology, which continues to develop and become widespread.

When patients first visit the web page of the Healthcare institution, the design, readability and content of the site are extremely important. Then, a system is required for patients to make appointments easily. Various applications/software are used to store information on the internet-based “cloud”.

It is crucial that medical records be preserved and not damaged. In addition, only certain people should access these records. In this area, software solutions with high security levels and practical to use are needed. Patients should only have access to and view their own medical results.

4A Labs provides unique software solutions in accordance with the demands of businesses.

What is CMS in Healthcare?

Information or data is a concept that defines today’s world. Businesses that take data and information into account are the most successful.

Content management system, (CMS) are systems that enable the management of the content of the website. It should not be considered as a stand-alone software or program. However, it is a structure prepared by coding with a combination of different programming languages such as Javascript, CSS, PHP or HTML. Content control can be provided via CMS. For example, contextual management of health services can be realized in this way.