Next generation car sharing & telemetry technologies

ARNETA, a leader in Advanced Vehicle Telemetry technologies, provides real and instant data which improves user safety as well as offers cost savings, by lowering emission and helping reduce carbon footprint.

Car sharing web & mobile application platform

4A Labs is designing and developing a fully customized, state of the art, Car Sharing and Telemetry platform for ARNETA. Scope included Management and User consoles as well as IOS, Android and Huawei apps developed React Native technologies.

By installing the equipment on the vehicles to be used in the rental service, the desired information of the vehicles is reached (when the vehicle is parked, average fuel consumption, speed information, brake pad usage status, etc.), the desired capabilities of the vehicles (closing the windows, locking the doors, starting the engine, etc.) are checked, Security and comfort areas are created for both users and car rental companies by obtaining statistical data from the vehicles.