Turkey's largest company

As Turkey’s largest company with over  ₺54 billion in revenue, Tüpraş operates four oil refineries, three of which process over 25 million tons of crude oil.

Tupras also owns a majority stake (79,98%) in the shipping company DİTAŞ and, since 2006, a 40% ownership of petrol retailer Opet.

Tupras App Store

Mid to large enterprises depend on their software solutions to operate. Usually, these solutions are located on-premises and can only be accessed through a physical connection to the corporate network or through VPN. Providing VPN access to employees can be costly, therefore, the AppStore developed for Tüpraş overcomes this issue by providing secure access to on-premise applications from mobile devices so that they can be reached from anywhere in the world. Operating over standard internet connection, the AppStore became the most used application for Tüpraş employees.

PYM Human Resource Effort Calculation System

PYM is a web based data analysis, estimation and reporting platform which is used to oversee refinery projects in four main disciplines. Using the platform allows Project managers to estimate the effort required to complete the Project. Each project is evaluated under Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation disciplines with adjustable correlation factors.

Field Data Collector

Especially during maintenance periods, collection of data from various refinery sensors is essential. Field Data Collector serves this collection purpose via a mobile application which can be used on any Android based tablet. Application is able to operate online and offline modes. Solution provides a complete digital environment for collection, analysis and reporting of data without using paper.

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