Covid-19 Social Distancing Warning Solution

Covid-19 Social Distancing Warning Solution

The importance of the Covid-19 social distancing warning solution emerges during pandemics. Social distance between people is vital during pandemic periods that affect the whole world.

An automatic social distance device has been developed as a Covid-19 social distance warning solution. This technological device enables the prevention of infectious diseases transmitted from person to person.

Covid-19 Social Distancing Warning Solution Device

Throughout human history, epidemics have emerged in different periods. Epidemics can affect many societies in any part of the world they occur in. Today the world is faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. The corona virus, which spread all over the world in a very short time, caused thousands of people to die. It also caused millions of people to get sick. However, today, with the development of technological opportunities, we are no longer as vulnerable as before. We have come to a level where we can protect ourselves from epidemic diseases by using the technologies at our disposal.

Epidemics such as Covid-19 are viruses that are transmitted from person to person. These viruses are transmitted only by physical contact of an infected person with an uninfected person. Therefore, protecting the contact between people during pandemic periods can prevent the spread of the disease. Generally, cities and workplaces are made up of crowded groups of people. Therefore, it may be more difficult to reduce contact. At 4A Labs, we have developed a device that maintains the social distance between people during pandemic periods. Thanks to the portable device we call inContact, we can automatically adjust the safe social distance.

Social Distance Warning Device

The inContact secure social distance device prevents employees in crowded workplaces from getting close to each other. Thus, even if there is an infected person in the workplace, it prevents them from infecting other employees. As a wearable device, inContact is a secure solution that allows workplaces to function, even under pandemic conditions. The features of the device we have specially developed for the pandemic periods are as follows:

  • Easy to carry thanks to the hanger
  • Works with Bluetooth technology. It collects the location information of the person and the people around them clearly.
  • Warns the user in possible physical proximity with the automatic warning system.
  • Works integrated with smartphones
  • Measures interactions between people, provides historical information
  • Stores the information of the user and people close to him in case of any disease