Covid Safe Workplace

Covid safe workplace refers to a safe environment for employers and employees, during the pandemic, eliminating the risks of exposure for unvaccinated or otherwise at risk workers. Appropriate steps should be taken by employers to create a safe environment.

Safe workplaces should be created in areas where employees can continue to work safely during covid and long-term pandemic periods. inContact, which automatically provides risk protection among employees in the same workplace, protects the health of your employees and creates a safe workplace environment. With any infectious disease, there will be an increase in the rate of transmission, as people tend to exhale, sneeze and spread saliva particles when they speak. You can easily distinguish risky groups from healthy groups.

What is inContact and its Features?

In order to reduce the risk among employees during an epidemic and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the inContact system automatically determines risk groups and controls the rate of spread. The inContact system features the following:

  • It maintains social distance in the workplace with its notification mechanism.
  • It measures interactions and provides historical reporting.
  • It monitors contact without location tracking by using WI-FI & RF technology with low energy usage.
  • It has fast installation and monitoring solutions with wearable technology.
  • In case of any infection, it reports nearby employees and automatically identifies risk groups.
  • It provides convenience in risk management without following user profiles.

With all its features, you can protect the health of your employees with our inContact system. With our system that monitors the proximity of your employees using a light RF device, a safe workplace environment is created by maintaining social distance. Thanks to the control panel, an assessment can be made against the risks of infectious diseases and it provides convenience in taking the necessary precautions.

Safe Workplace Covid

Multi-layered approaches are adopted to protect employees. Precautions should be taken to protect workers in close contact with each other, especially in poor ventilation conditions. Among these measures, you can use our inContact system, which analyzes risks, identifies them automatically and provides easy installation with its wearable technology. A covid prevention program should be established in the workplace and protection programs should be developed for employees who are somehow at risk. Areas of high risk should be taken under control by identifying and analyzing factors in close contact, contact duration and contact type. Please contact us to get information about our inContact system.