Custom Software Development in Chile

Custom Software Development in Chile

There is ready-made software in most markets according to companies and sectors. However, in some cases, these programs cannot meet the needs of the company, which is why custom software is preferred.

Custom software is developed in relation to the needs and specifications based on the customer’s requests. This process includes the development and implementation processes of preliminary analysis, detailed analysis, and analysis report studies. If the customer requests, he can take part in the custom software development process by directly participating in both the consultancy service and the software development group.

What are the Advantages of Custom Software?

Many companies prefer custom software development for their business processes and projects. They want a different structure from the programs currently sold in the market.  To reach their goals and develop low-cost solutions, custom software offers many advantages.

Thanks to the software made specifically for the company, performance and efficiency is achieved more easily than other software packages.

  • Be more competitive in your market.
  • Enable departments in your company to work more efficiently and decrease costs.
  • Collecting all the data in the same database ensures that you have the information at hand, and you can carry out the reporting and analysis processes more effectively.
  • Be guided by the people who provide your custom software to solve your software problems.

Software Languages

There are countless programming languages ​​in the world. But today popular software languages ​​are used.  Programming languages ​​and algorithms enable communication between humans and computers. Let’s look at the recently popular software languages:

  • JavaScript: 69.8%
  • HTML: 5%
  • CSS: 1%
  • SQL: 0%
  • Java: 3%
  • Bash/Shell: 39.8%
  • Python: 38.8%
  • C#: 4%
  • PHP: 30.7%
  • C++: 4%
  • C: 23.0%
  • TypeScript: 17.4%
  • Ruby: 10.1%
  • Swift: 8.1%

4A Labs: Custom Software Development in Chile

The planning and project part of our services in different parts of the world is very important in terms of the quality of the work we do. It is aimed to complete the details of the project by carrying out meticulous studies with the planning phase.

At this stage, the recommendations of the 4A Labs team, with years of experience, are presented to the customer to fully realize the customer’s wishes and goals, and if approved, these suggestions are also included in the project. In the last stage, if the design and infrastructure studies are approved, the relevant project is directed to the engineer and team who will take responsibility. At the beginning of the project, a feasibility study is carried out to complete the work within the stipulated delivery time, and then the web design project uploaded to the software is delivered to the customer with quality and a well-structured infrastructure.

You can contact us to benefit from the experience of 4A Labs and to bring your designs to life with a quality service approach. You can send your questions to our consultants for up-to-date price information and technical details.