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Disease Tracking and Control

During the current global Covid-19 pandemic, many precautions have been taken, all around the world, to reduce the number of people affected by the disease. The recent global decline of new cases in the past few weeks indicates that life may return to normal soon.  However, authorities repeatedly warn that finding a cure will take time, and in the meantime, the precautions and safety measures taken, should not be abandoned.

At this point, an important problem arises. What precautions will be taken in the environment where people, such as in workplaces, are obliged to be together. How will the infected people and the risk of transmission be followed up? The InContact app offers a great follow-up as the solution to this problem. Thanks to inContact, it is possible to determine who has been infected in the workplace and who they been in close contact with in the past 20 days.  Therefore,  measures can be taken to prevent a possible epidemic.

How inContact Works

inContact calculates and records contact between employees in the workplace, the distance and the duration of the contact, by means of an apparatus, located on the waist of each employee, that emits light radio frequencies.

inContact keeps track of up to 20 employees’ movements and records them in the system. When any employee indicates disease status, it sends automatic notifications to all other employees who have previously contacted this employee, ensuring that measures can be taken to prevent the disease from spreading to more employees.

Risk Group Identification and Tracking System

inContact does not operate the alert mechanism by detecting only employees who have been in contact. It can also identify people who are at risk of being exposed to the virus, even though they are not in direct contact with the person who shows symptoms.

Employee mobility information stored in inContact’s database is processed in integration with an application installed on each employees’ smartphones. This application alerts other employees with automatic notifications in case of a possible disease and speeds up the necessary measures.

These notifications are made in three different ways:

  • Push notifications
  • Automatic Phone Calls
  • SMS

Benefits of inContact in terms of Workplaces and Community Health

In today’s pandemic conditions, inContact is an application that will provide significant benefits for all workplaces. It exemplifies a preventative measure aimed at protecting both working conditions and general public health. One sick employee can cause other workers to get sick, eventually causing people outside of the office to be at risk. Thanks to inContact, the source of the outbreak is found, and action can be taken.

In addition, the health status of  employees can be monitored closely, and outbreaks that may occur during peak work periods can be prevented much earlier, to avoid possible performance impairments.

inContact During the Global Pandemic Period

At 4A Labs, we believe that the inContact application, we have developed, is an example for the fight against global pandemics in the national and international arena. inContact, which we think can contribute greatly to the method of taking corona virus measures and determining the transmission chain of the disease, will prevent the growth of health problems with an understanding that expands from employee health to public health.

Reputable companies currently operating in many parts of the world guarantee the safety of their employees and society with the inContact application.

As the Corona pandemic clearly shows, protecting public health is done by taking all necessary precautions in all areas and ensuring the safety of citizens.