IOT Telemetry and SCADA

What is IOT Telemetry and SCADA, and how will the connection between remote sensor systems and the internet affect future software and hardware technologies? The computer was the first device used by people for the Internet. However, now many aspects of our lives, from the goods we use to the motorways we travel, use internet technology.

Internet of things (IOT), the daily life of the items we use in the internet through various systems, can exchange data. An object must be able to communicate with any system or other objects to be considered “smart”.  Sensors, biochips, circuit boards, and actuators are equipment with capabilities for this type of communication.

Telemetry, a device to measure data remotely, is both controlled and monitored by a cable or cable system, or by collecting data from itself. Telemetry sensor devices are composed of:
1. Transmission system
2. Image
3. Registration or control

Internet of Things (IOT) are just the beginning of a very wide set of technologies.   Intelligent objects have to be connected to a network to transmit the information they collect through the sensors from the environment. The data they transmit to this network is called telemetry. In a simple data exchange, telemetry may not be large, but consider that you have to send data from tens, hundreds or even thousands of sensors. At this point, you will need very well optimized, classified telemetry data.
Depending of the usage area, telemetry data can be stored as a stateful variable either in the iCloud network or on a device.  Storing on the device will increase the hardware requirements of the smart object. Storing in iCloud will require a stable network connection. In both scenarios, systematically coded telemetry data will need to be created.

Why is telemetry important?

The importance of telemetry is hidden in how useful the data is and how it can be encoded using the lightest software possible.  Otherwise, large scale telemetry data can cause storage problems as the system is used. While, if all scenarios are not considered while creating the data, it may cause the system to crash.

Consider a cold storage room where the ambient temperature is extremely important for the products in it. Each room in this warehouse uses 3 sensors: the door entry, the center point and the farthest point to the door. Installation can be done as follows.

With this data, it can easily be measured whether the sufficient temperature is ensured in all parts of the room. However, it is be necessary to combine these three variables with a common denominator.  The most important criteria is determining the average temperature.

In this example, once the average temperature value is determined, and the results are considered reliable, the three seperate data is converted into a single data.  In more complex uses, the importance of telemetry is better understood, considering there may be dozens of different variables.

What is SCADA?

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); It can be monitored from a single control center by a computer, mobile phone or tablet. From the telemetry data collected from IOT devices the following is done:

  • – Analysis
  • – Interpretation
  • – Controllability
  • – Monitoring
  • – Commands

These can be explained as functions of the SCADA software. Therefore, the telemetry data obtained from the Internet of Objects (IOT) has a comprehensive function, but it is possible only with SCADA systems. IOT Telemetry and SCADA is a complete software and hardware system.

SCADA fields of use:

  • – Water Collection-Treatment-Distribution Plants
  • – Power Plants
  • – Natural Gas Facilities
  • – Nuclear Facilities
  • – Traffic Control Systems
  • – Automotive Industry
  • – Food Industry

These business areas serve as an example. The simplest definition of SCADA is that all plant operations can be monitored, reported, and controllable units can be created. Therefore, it has a wide range of use such as production, storage and all other needs delivered to the consumer.

IOT Telemetry and SCADA

Controlling your production facility with SCADA software packages with the most accurate data, while equipping the devices you produce with IOT technologies, will bring you one step closer to the world of the future.   Contact 4ALabs for your professional software solutions including IOT Telemetry and SCADA technologies.