Artificial Intelligence and Computer Technologies

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

Although Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is related to each other, these two new generation technologies differ in terms of usage areas. Artificial intelligence, which is used in many areas of science and technology, plays a great role in our daily life. Especially in recent years, artificial intelligence is used for more collective studies than the field of machine learning.

In the last 10 years, artificial intelligence has emerged from a concept used in science fiction films and has become a part of our lives. When IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson was defeated by the Google AI in the intelligence game, it drew lots of attention and put artificial intelligence on the agenda of all of us today.

Today, artificial intelligence extends from banking operations to education, from scientific activities to the publishing industry, from food and beverage to advertising.

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

By applying artificial intelligence to machine learning, you achieve higher levels of work and a more efficient and faster working environment. Machine learning is the sub-branch of artificial intelligence and is based on the idea that the machine completes the learning process by itself, without any human control.

You can observe the operating principle to understand whether an application uses artificial intelligence or machine learning.

If your application is using multiple algorithms, it is an advanced artificial intelligence. For example, a software that can play chess against a human is an advanced artificial intelligence product.

However, if the application has the ability to compare various data with each other over time, and with this accumulation can start making various definitions, it is an example of a self-learning software that has a machine. For example, photo identification software is a machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Technologies

Artificial intelligence emerged when computer technologies evolved. It was impossible for the computers, which operate with intelligence similar to human intelligence, to overcome many complex tasks and to make decisions on their own.

Computers are machines that worked on the basis of logic that remember and calculate information. In a way, the computer was designed as machines that did part of the work for the human brain. Developing technology has increased the working performance of computers and we have started to understand how our brain works.

At the moment, computers are able to make incredibly complex calculations and make people’s jobs easier in every aspect of life. In fact, computers are so developed that they can make a machine that makes decisions and applies them. This is how technology emerged to manage artificial intelligence will machine learning.

  • Types of Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence consists of two sub-categories:
  • 1. Simple (basic) artificial intelligence
  • 2. Generalized artificial intelligence

Simple artificial intelligence includes everything from stock trading to automatic driving, while generalized artificial intelligence can handle more complex and difficult operations like human intelligence. Generalized artificial intelligence has contributed to the development of machine learning.

Simple artificial intelligence are the ones that produce multiple scenarios based on the criteria you define, without changing the outcome or the variables you create. However, strong artificial intelligence can interpret algorithmic calculations on the data, using multiple variations, making it easier to reach the target.

Developing Machine Learning

Machine learning has improved with some advances in the field of artificial intelligence. First development

  • Teaching how to learn computers
  • Teaching how to interpret the given task
  • Providing the information needed to complete these tasks

The second development took place with the invention of the Internet. The Internet has changed people’s lives in an extraordinary way. Information storage limits were exceeded and enormous information could be stored.

Instead of teaching computers to do things with these two developments, it became clear that computers needed to think on their own and use the data mass that they could access online.

Many applications running online use machine learning. For example; Facebook decides with this algorithm what will appear on your newsfeed. Amazon will recommend which products and Netflix will recommend which movies to watch.

Artificial Neural Networks

With the emergence of neural networks, the process of teaching computers to think like humans also began. With artificial neural networks, computers can mimic the human brain, faster, more accurate and more objective.

Artificial neural network is actually a computer system used to classify information. For example, they can look at pictures and photographs and recognize and classify existing objects and entities. These networks create data using data, confirm the exact accuracy of the data, and make the optimal decision as a result.

Artificial neural networks have a feedback loop in learning activity. The machine learns whether the decisions are correct and can determine a strategy for the next step.

The possibilities of the machine learning system are very wide. Machine learning helps the computer to look at the text and produce information about the content. He understands whether any song will make you happy or not. In fact, there are some machines that determine the theme and composition of the music it listens to.

The main point in the machine learning application is that the machine communicates with people. The machine learning used in artificial intelligence, which uses natural language processing, acts as an automated customer representative, understands people’s commands and responds to their questions.

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

You can have both artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Determining whether artificial intelligence or machine learning is better for your company is entirely a matter of your needs.

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the opportunity to develop many great applications. Machine learning has become a highly popular system in the recent past. However, artificial intelligence is becoming more common by using simple applications that require continuous learning.

Deciding whether artificial intelligence or machine learning is more advantageous for your company or project requires a choice based entirely on your goals and needs. 4A Labs helps you decide which method should be used with expert software engineers and provides professional support for your development.

By contacting us, you can switch to the most important technology & software principles of the future, and make your projects gain value.