Personnel Security in a Pandemic

Personnel Security in a Pandemic

The issue of personnel safety in a pandemic has become even more important with the Covid-19 outbreak. Employees must work in a safe environment so that production does not stop or disrupt the workplace.

Personnel safety during the pandemic can only be possible by preventing the spread of the epidemic. For this, employees infected with the virus must be identified as soon as possible and necessary precautions must be taken.

How is Personnel Safety Provided in the Pandemic?

Healthy personnel is the first priority in the workplace so that production and services are not disrupted in a workplace. Although measures are taken in terms of occupational health and safety, these measures may not be sufficient for all hazards. Different precautions may be necessary for global epidemic diseases. The following measures can be taken against diseases such as Covid-19, which spread all over the world and have a long-term effect:

  • Establishing a safe distance between employees in the workplace
  • Taking necessary measures to prevent the virus from infecting personnel
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace
  • Identifying the infected person as soon as possible and starting treatment
  • Detecting other people with whom the infected person has recently come into contact
  • Taking necessary precautions for people at risk

Covid – 19 Contact Device

Epidemics have posed a great danger to public health since the past. Especially as a result of increasing epidemics and deadly diseases in recent years, some precautions must be taken. Epidemics not only threaten human health, but also disrupt the stable working order of workplaces. As 4A Labs, we developed a device to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. The device we call inContact ensures the safety of people, especially in workplaces and crowded environments.

The inContact device is a wearable device. It can be easily carried with the hanger. The inContact social distancing device warns the user as soon as they violate the safe social distance. Also, the inContact device sets the user’s location information via Bluetooth technology. In this way, the user’s location is exactly determined.

The inContact social distancing device provides historical data. The purpose of this feature is to determine who the infected person has had close contact with in the recent past. In this way, people who are likely to be exposed to the virus can be easily identified. You can contact us for detailed information about inContact, which is both protection and a precautionary device.