Contact Tracking for COVID-19

Contact Tracking for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic stands before us as a global crisis, causing great losses for many countries. Human contact is one the biggest risks faced during this pandemic. Contact tracking for COVID-19 reduces the risk of virus transmission and provides healthy protection among your employees.

Our inContact filiation and isolation tracking system automatically detects social distance and prevents people from approaching each other. In cases where social distance is disregarded, the possibility of transmitting the virus also increases.

How Does a Contact Tracking System Work for COVID-19?

Social distance is known as the most important measure that can be taken against the pandemic today. The coronavirus is transmitted by air and contact, making it easy for employees to be infected, depending on the work environment conditions. Social distance should be maintained in order to prevent contact between people. Our contact tracking system for COVID-19, which comes into play at this point, prevents the spread of the virus.

Protect your health with our inContact social distance system. We believe that keeping the distance today results in a healthy tomorrow. This device, which adjusts the appropriate distance between people, reduces the possibility of infection to a minimum. In the event of a possible infection, the people around the infected person can be easily identified. The inContact Bluetooth system, automatically identifies the risk groups by notifying people in the immediate environment and controls the rate of spread. By having a notification mechanism on the system, it allows people to keep their distance in the workplace. Quick and easy to install, inContact can work in all conditions. With its wearable technology, it can be worn on a belt or neck.

inContact Filiation and Isolation Tracking System Features

Protect your health with our inContact social distance tracking system. Backed by 4A Lab’s quality and expertise, inContact is an easy-to-use and wearable technology.  It sends notifications and shares reports, depending on the system features, in working environments that require isolation. Our inContact social distance tracking system has the following features:

  • Provides tracking with the use of low energy WI-FI and RF technology.
  • Automatically identifies risk groups by reporting employees at close range in case of infection.
  • Provides risk tracking with anonymous profiles.
  • Fast, easy and ergonomic use.
  • Provides awareness about social distance.
  • Automatically maintains social distances with its notification system.
  • Measures engagement rates and provides retrospective reporting.

Protect the health of your employees with the many features offered by the inContact social distance monitoring system. With the control panel, you can evaluate infectious disease risks and take the necessary precautions before problems occur.