High-Risk Proximity

High-risk proximity is the most important issue during a pandemic. Having close contact with a person who is sick increases the risk of transmission. Social distancing protects the risk of mass transmission of a contagious disease within a community.  In the case of close contact for an extended time, the virus spreads quickly between people.

High-risk proximity is when the risk arises from having close contact with an infected person. It is important to follow the rules of close contact, whether you show symptoms or not. Social distance minimizes risk proximity between individuals in order to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

So what should be done to avoid a high-risk proximity?

  1. Avoiding handshaking or hugging.
  2. Avoid being in crowded environments.
  3. Avoid closed environments as much as possible.
  4. Adapt your communication habits to accordance to distance rules.

Social distancing rules alone may not be enough. Solutions can help reduce the risk of transmission and the rate of spread during pandemic periods. For the most helpful solutions, wearable, fast and easy-to-use systems that provide high protection should be preferred.  Our inContact system  eliminates the risk of contamination, especially among employees in the workplace.

High Protection Low Risk

Since social distance alone is not enough to protect, the protection of social health is due to the high protection you provide among your employees. With inContact, you can control the contact between your employees by maintaining social distance at work. Create a healthy working environment in the workplace with its easy-to-use, fast installation, low energy consumption, instant reporting and wearable technology features. Everyone should strive to maintain social distance and the transition to the new normal order should be ensured quickly. You can reduce risks to minimum levels by providing high protection with helpful easy solutions.

High-Risk Proximity

To prevent high-risk contacts from occurring in your workplace, you can control the proximity of your employees to each other through an RF device. If the distance between each of your employees falls below 1.5 meters, a warning is sent by the device and social distance is maintained. Along with the proximity warning, the duration of this contact is also calculated with inContact. By monitoring the contact status of up to 20 employees in total, when any employee is sick or showing symptoms, the employees who come into contact are quarantined and the risk of transmission is minimized.