Proximity Device For Contact Tracing

Proximity Device For Contact Tracing

Proximity Device For Contact Tracing is a system designed to be used during the spread of an epidemic disease such as Corona virus. The device called inContact is a technology that automatically measures the distance between people and enables the tracking of possible contacts.

Proximity Device For Contact Tracing makes it is possible to identify other people with whom people infected with virus-borne infectious diseases have recently come into contact with.  Thus, the spread of the disease can be prevented, especially in workplaces.

What Does A Proximity Device For Contact Do?

Since the past, infectious diseases have posed great dangers to humanity. Especially with the increasing population of cities, contagious diseases cause great problems. The transmission of diseases is easier for people living in crowded cities and working in crowded workplaces. The most important consideration with such infectious diseases is the safe distance between people. Maintaining this distance helps break the disease chain.

We developed a social distance tracking device in order to prevent global epidemics such as the Covid-19 pandemic from infecting people. Thanks to this device, which we call inContact, the distance between people can be adjusted automatically in crowded environments such as workplaces. It is also recorded who the user has had close contact with, in the past 29 days. In this way, it can be easily determined who may have been infected and the impact of the epidemic can be stopped.

How to Use a Social Contact Tracking Device?

The social distance tracking device is designed to be used in social areas where there is more than one person. One of the best ways to take personal precautions during periods of infectious diseases are to avoid contact with others. The inContact device we developed fulfills exactly this function. It allows the user to stay at a safe distance from other people. It warns the user if the safe distance is violated.

It also records in the database with whom the wearer had close contact with recently. The inContact device, which is a wearable technology, works with Bluetooth technology. Thus, it can provide very clear and reliable data on social distance. The device, which can be hung on the neck with the help of a hanger, is compatible with smartphones. All details can be seen in the application.

Filiation and Isolation Tracking System

Social Contact During the Pandemic Period

Unfortunately, there are very few personal precautions that can be taken in times of epidemic diseases such as pandemics. These include hygiene, using masks and maintaining social distance. It is important to minimize contact, especially in diseases transmitted by liquid particles such as Corona virus.

It can sometimes be difficult to maintain this distance, especially in crowded environments. Therefore, the inContact device, which can automatically adjust the distance between people, can slow the spread of viruses.