Social Distancing in The Workplace

Social distancing in the workplace is important for the health of employees during a pandemic. Since diseases such as Covid-19 are transmitted from person to person, preventing contact also prevents the spread of the disease.

Establishing social distancing in the workplace can sometimes be difficult, especially in crowded environments. We have designed a special device to automate social distance in areas that require teamwork.

The Importance of Social Distancing İn The Workplace

Throughout history, people have always lived and worked in groups. Communal life both ensures the safety of people and helps them be more productive. This order continues today. People continue to live in crowded cities and work in crowded workplaces. This system has many advantages. However, this living and working order becomes a disadvantage for society in cases such as epidemics.

Epidemics are diseases that occur in a community, due to transmission from person to person, through fluid particles, airborne or contact. During times of epidemic diseases, it is important that people have minimal contact. Especially in common work areas, it can be very difficult to adjust the safe distance between people. As a software company, 4A Labs developed a system that automatically adjusts social distance, during pandemic periods, such as Covid-19. Thanks to the device called inContact, the safe distance between people can be adjusted automatically.

Automatic Social Distance Device

The device called inContact is a new generation wearable system. This system, developed by our company, automatically adjusts the social distance between people in crowded areas, such as workplaces. It also sends a warning to the user in case of violation of the specified distance. This way, the user takes the necessary precautions and the transmission of the epidemic can be prevented. The inContact safe distance device works with Bluetooth technology. Thanks to the Bluetooth system, the location of the user as well as the location of the people around him can be determined clearly.

Another feature of the inContact device is that it can provide historical record data. In other words, it determines who the user has had close contact with in the last 29 days, in case of possible disease transmission.  Thus, it can be monitored very easily. Integrated with smart phones, the inContact device provides the user with all the necessary information. After determining who the user has been in close contact with recently, the necessary measures can be taken more easily.