Contact Tracing and Reporting System

Report people in close proximity when an outbreak occurs. Automatically identify risk groups and control the rate of spread.

What Is It?

It enables people to protect their social distances in the workplace with the notification mechanism.

Increases Awareness on Social Distancing.

With low energy WIFI & RF technology, it can monitor contact without location tracking.

Reports workers in close proximity when an infection occurs and automatically identifies risk groups.

It measures interactions and provides historical reporting.

Adapts to all conditions with its quick and easy set up and monitoring solutions.

Wearable hardware can be used by attaching it to the belt or neck.

With anonymous user profiles, it enables risk management without tracking.

How Does It Work?

Tracks the proximation of your employees with each other using a light-weight RF device.

Calculates the distance of proximation and time of exposure.

Can precisely monitor proximation in a group of people ( up to 20 )

Risk groups who were in contact with the employee are reported automatically.

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    Control Panel

    inContact Control panel screen provides the opportunity to evaluate against the risks of infectious disease and ensures that necessary measures are taken.