Wearable Safety Devices

Wearable safety devices protect employees against possible risks or threats. It is a software that automatically makes an emergency call when faced with any unusual situation. The 4A Labs inContact system provides protection against risky contact between employees, while the Man Down security system, for the employee working alone, ensures that possible harm is minimized.

Wearable safety devices work by establishing a communication network in almost every location or geography, thanks to its internal communication system. InContact, which protects employees in case of an epidemic, automatically detects risk groups and keeps the spread rate under control. Thanks to its notification mechanism, it ensures that employees maintain their social distance in the workplace. It protects your team by helping to raise awareness about social distancing.

What are the inContact and Man Down Systems?

inContact is a fast and easy-to-install system that automatically creates social distance between employees and protects them against the possibility of infection. The Man Down system, on the other hand, was developed to monitor employees working alone in dangerous or risky areas, with GSM-based devices, and to receive a signal from the employee in case of an emergency.  The inContact system features include:

  • A notification mechanism
  • Works with low energy
  • Reports nearby employees
  • Automatically defines risk groups
  • Wearable technology
  • Provides risk management
  • Anonymous user profiles
  • Measures interactions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapts to all conditions

Our Man Down system can easily be installed without the need for any cables or infrastructure. The Man Down device includes:

  • Beacon detectors for indoor environment
  • GSM network
  • Monitoring software
  • Cell phone with which the monitoring software communicates

Man Down systems are easy to use. There is no need for any additional device other than the device provided to employees.

Wearable Personal Security Device

The systems developed are of great importance for your employees, to protect against the risks of contagious diseases and to ensure employee safety.  Please contact us for information about our systems and devices in order to monitor the safety of your employees and their work areas, uninterruptedly, and to protect your employees by controlling risk groups in case of epidemics.