What Is Covid Contact Tracing?

What is Covid contact tracing? The question began during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following patients with diseases, that are transmitted from person to person, is one of the important factors that can reduce the spread of the pandemic.

What is Covid – 19 Contact Tracking?

Pandemic diseases, such as Covid-19, are the general name given to epidemic diseases that spread and affect a very wide area such as a continent or even the entire world surface. Such diseases are usually transmitted from person to person and can have fatal consequences. Epidemics have been seen from the past to the present. But today, crowded city populations have accelerated the spread of such diseases.

Especially in cities and areas with large groups of people such as workplaces, pandemics spread the fastest. A way to prevent the spread of disease in the workplace is by tracing the people who are infected.  It is easier to take precautions, if the person carrying the disease is followed to determine who he has been in close contact with, in the previous days.  As a result, the people exposed to the disease can be identified and isolated quickly, and the spread of the disease can be prevented.  At 4A Labs, we have developed a new system for contact tracing in the workplace.

Covid Contact Tracker

Social distancing and contact tracing are systems that can greatly slow the spread of epidemics.  4A Labs has developed a new generation prevention system for employers to minimize the risk of disease, in their workplace, during the Covid-19 pandemic.  A social distance tracker is a portable technology that warns the user of any social distancing violation and automatically adjusts the safe social distance between people.

The contact tracker also keeps historical records of the user. The device, which we call inContact, also records who the user has been in close contact with in the past 29 days. In this way, it can be easily determined who may be infected with the disease. What is Covid contact tracing? It is much easier to take precautions by identifying the sick person and identifying the people who are in close contact with him. Thus, the rate of spread of the epidemic may decrease and a safe working environment can be created in the workplaces.

Contact Tracking System Features

inContact social distance tracking system is a new generation device developed by 4A Labs. It monitors the social distance and situations that require isolation between people working in the same environment and sends the necessary warnings. The following are the benefits of the inContact social distance tracking system:

  • Easily portable with its attachable hook
  • Works with Bluetooth technology and collects clear information
  • Slows the rate of disease spread
  • Warns other people in the environment in case of possible virus infection
  • Works integrated with smartphones
  • Measures interactions between people, provides retrospective control