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Contact Tracking Device

A contact tracking device is a wearable technology solution used to ensure the safety of businesses and employees. This technology can be used to minimize occupational health and safety risks.

A contact tracker is a wearable device that ensures that social distance is maintained between people in a shared space. Today’s pandemic conditions bring us to the conclusion that maintaining social distance is very important for both our health and the continuity of businesses.

Why Use a Contact Tracking Device?

One of the most important concepts that came into our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic is social distancing. Research shows that the fastest way to spread the Covid-19 virus is through respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Contact tracking solutions are of vital importance for those who continue to work in physical conditions. These systems keep record of the people they are in contact with, as well as help the employees against possible risks thanks to the warning system.

As a result, wearable technologies provide great convenience to monitor and protect social distance in work areas where necessary hygiene measures are taken. This way, the work flow can continue without interruption.

What are the Features of the inContact Tracking Device?

InContact provides an autonomous system in occupational health and safety management, ensuring that clear data is collected in order for the proper decisions to be taken. It opens the way to benefit from technology in order to control the internal health risk.

inContact technology consists of three components:

  • Wearable tracking and warning device
  • Gateway
  • Management panel


inContact is used by means of a light radio frequency emitting device attached to the waist of each employee. It calculates and records the contact, distance, and contact time between employees in the workplace. When an employee shows signs of illness, an automatic notification is sent to all other employees who have been in contact with that employee before. It ensures that measures are taken to prevent the disease from spreading to more employees.

Defining the Risk Group

Employee mobility is stored within inContact’s database. This data is processed in integration with an application installed on each employee’s smartphone. This way, the identification of the risk group can be completed extremely quickly, and warnings can be sent without delay in taking measures.

Notifications made to the risk group are made in three different ways:

  • Push notifications
  • Automatic Phone Calls
  • SMS
Contact Tracking Device
Contact Tracking Device

Why Is Social Distancing Important?

Social distancing refers to the measures taken to stop or slow the spread of an infectious disease. For an individual, it means maintaining sufficient distance between yourself and another person to avoid becoming infected or contaminating another person. This measure is very effective and sufficient.

Currently, reputable companies operating in many parts of the world guarantee the safety of their employees and society with the 4A Labs inContact application.