The largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, maintains its operations as being the largest financial technologies ecosystem in Turkey thanks to the innovative business models, whereby it reinterprets the investment banking, and the investments it has made in technology.

By means of the products, it offers both physically and through the digital channels, Aktif Bank acts not only as the business partner but also the competitor of the FinTech companies in Turkey and all around the globe. Having customer orientation incorporated in its genetic codes, the Bank addresses to its more than 10 million customers within more than 10 business lines 

FinTech Solution Partner

Our company is successfully delivering technical consultancy and development services to many FinTech solutions of Aktifbank. As 4A Labs our services include delivery of strategic software architecture guidelines for facilitation of core banking operations as well as numerous platforms such as NKolay.