ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive Turkey is a subsidiary of ALD Automotive and Société Générale, specialized in operational leasing and fleet management. With 13 years of experience in the Turkish market, ALD Automotive Turkey is currently managing over 15.000 vehicles.

TPC Project:

With the aim of increasing customer satisfaction by providing uninterrupted service to its customers, we developed the online Traffic Operations Management system under the web portal My ALD.

From My ALD web portal, customers can access:

  • Traffic Fines: Using the different filters, customers (both drivers and fleet managers) can list traffic fines and other related documents.
  • HGS/OGS System: Drivers and fleet managers can list HGS/OGS toll usage and payments with exporting functions.
  • Legal Inspection Authority Document: For the legal inspection of the vehicle, an authority document is needed. Prepare this document online or list the whole fleet’s inspection dates and export a report.
  • Car Insurance Policy: Customers can reach related car’s current policy information with supported documents.
  • Tire Management & Demand: Fleet managers can list their rental car’s tire information or related car services. Also Fleet managers and drivers can submit a tire demand form to change & upgrade the current tires.
  • Financials: Fleet managers can access and track their invoices and financial records for their whole fleet.
  • Damage Records: Fleet managers can list and browse their fleet’s damage records.