Analysts & Project Management


Analysis Processes

At 4A Labs, we determine our customers’ needs in the most accurate way. Due to our vast experience in the industry, we utilize our detailed analysis process to understand your business and move forward producing the most cost efficient results.

For us, the start and the most important stage of a project is analysis. We begin to conduct research based on the brief we receive from our customers. Each company and sector has its own characteristics and needs. Therefore, we start with a team that determines, to the finest detail, how to create a movement scenario. In order to obtain accurate and efficient results, every active member within the project, every data to be processed, the technologies to be used, costs, procedures and controls are evaluated together.

The analysis process includes business modeling and reevaluation of the data in line with the values ​​it will add to the project.

For us, analysis is a compulsory process from the beginning to the end of the project process. We conduct process analysis periodically, make new suggestions, and continue to be a reliable business partnership thru out the project. In creating the framework, we act in line with the main objectives of the project to be realized and thus provide sustainable solutions.

Project Management

We deal with each project with its own requirements and uniqueness. We not only ensure the correct communication and integration of all stakeholders, but also ensure that the mutual learning process continues in a healthy way.

Thanks to our understanding of governance, which we carry out in conjunction with process analysis, we provide flexibility to the main motion scenario and make decision mechanisms suitable for time-cost calculations.