Designed and developed for one of the giant FMCG manufacturers, ApproveNG enables close to a thousand satisfied users, to manage their procurement process in a paperless environment through web and mobile channels. Companies are able to perform procurement through the system in a multi-entity, multi-currency environment. Operating in 15 countries, users are able to catalog items, manage budgets, create contracts, raise purchase orders and track their spending through invoice process in an integrated environment with SAP, JDEdwards and e-Government.

Why is Purchasing Process Management Important

Economies can be very volatile, however, one way to profit in a competitive environment is purchasing raw material. Ensuring actions are taken, in accordance with the vision of the company, and adopting the purchasing concept by all employees, depends on the follow up of management.

Regardless of time and place, ApproveNG provides perfect tracking and categorization using its integrated operation with various third party accounting software. You can control all expense items such as budget management, order management, contract creation and invoicing from a single point.

What can be done with ApproviNG?

  • Create Purchasing Personnel List
  • Purchase Request Forms and Approval Processes
  • Approve Supplier Lists
  • Order Forms
  • Utilize Different Contract Patterns by Product Types
  • Billing
  • Purchasing Unit Control