Custom Software Development Solutions

Custom Software Development Solutions

Custom software development solutions offer professional software services to companies, institutions, or individuals. They are more targeted and functional as they are customized solutions. In the business world, many corporate companies prefer the use of custom software.

Custom software development solutions continue to grow and develop daily. Aside from those that show interest in this software, software companies also show a special interest in the field.  Custom software development is done in a selected software language, in accordance with the demands. All the features and attributes requested by the customer are added to the software. The software may have web, desktop, or mobile versions.

Custom Software Development Service Solutions

While the custom software development services market is growing rapidly, software companies continue to work with software that will enable them to stand out in their field. Web design, coding or custom software development are competitive solutions that provide an advantage to the institutions or individuals.

A web page can be redesigned to reflect the corporate identity of the company. The software developed in the field where the company operates will increase its reputation in the eyes of the users.

For example, a company operating in the car sharing/rental field may need a telemetry compatible software.  It is important that the software, developed specifically for the company, can process the data received from the hardware placed in the vehicle from long distances.  This software holds extremely important security data and various statistics.

For example:

  • Average speed
  • Accidents
  • Misconduct of the driver
  • Number of people in the vehicle

Such data can be followed instantly. In addition, remote control services such as locking the door or stopping the vehicle can be performed.

 Off-the-shelf vs. Custom Software Development Solutions

What is the difference between custom software solutions and off-the-shelf solutions? The answer to the question is hidden in the word customizable. Ready-made software, also known as shelf software, does not have enterprise-specific customizations. Therefore, it cannot fully address specific needs of the company.

So, what are the benefits of custom software development?

  • All requests of the company or organization are processed into the software.
  • The software becomes company specific, increases corporate identity.
  • Company-specific customizations offer a more efficient working system.
  • Company is involved in the entire software development process.
  • Profits may increase.
  • Support and training from the custom developer company.
  • More secure internal communication.
  • All correspondence can be carried out confidentially.

Custom Software Solutions Development

Custom software appeals to all companies, regardless of the sector. Here are some examples:

  • Travel
  • Car sharing
  • Textile & Retail
  • Banking
  • Sports
  • Engineering
  • Real estate
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

So, in which areas and what kind of software can 4A Labs develop?

  • AI and machine learning
  • Embedded system design & development
  • Mobile development
  • Front end development
  • Web & backend
  • Database architecture

In addition to software development, we provide integration, testing and training/support services. This involves various time-consuming steps. 4A Labs provides the full service allowing you to focus on your core business.

What are the Examples of Custom Software?

Examples of custom software solutions are directly related to the company using the software. For example, a company call center panel may have software that appeals to both internal users and other customers. In the interface of this software:

  • Contact list
  • Call management
  • List of incoming and outgoing calls
  • A panel for sending text messages
  • Notes and reminders
  • On-demand call recording

If this software belonged to an airline company:

  • Flight days and times
  • Ticket rates
  • Demographic and statistical analysis of customers
  • Average speed and destination of the aircraft
  • Number and quality of working personnel
  • Company profit

It would contain data that can be updated instantly. This software may include menus specific to managers, pilots, and other employees. Special buttons, warnings and reminders enable the pilot, stewardess or company to communicate with other personnel are among the desired features.