International Plus Health Tourism company provides service to foreign patients from all over the world with contracted health institutions. Health services include dental treatments, aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation and obesity treatments.

4A Labs developed a detailed CRM panel to view and manage patient information.

Main components included in the CRM panel:

  • Contacts
  • Adding Patients
  • Assigning Patients to Managers
  • Adding Patient Notes
  • Adding Reminders
  • Adding Visual Content
  • Showing Call History
  • Sending and viewing e-mails to/from the patient through the same menu
  • Import Contacts: Bulk patient information can be added from Excel and Csv formatted files.
  • Export Contacts: Patient information can be filtered and exported with excel file.

Team Leader: Patient managers and sub-managers can view and manage the patients assigned to them.

Sales: Financial information and statistics of operations

Planning: Hotel accommodation and Transfer service planning for patients.

Hospital: Operational planning for patients.