Joker - Mother and Baby Products - Baby Stores

One of the leading companies in its sector, Joker meets all of the needs in mother and baby products.

As of 2018, Joker has a total of 70 stores in 13 different cities, including 25 Joker Baby, 22 Joker Toys, 14 Joker Mix, and 9 Jokerland.

With its website, Joker continues its increase its value in 5 areas including Joker, Baby, Joker Toys, Joker Mix, and Jokerland.

Joker Website (

The Joker website attracts hundreds of thousands of traffic daily, with its offering of products in all product groups, making it one of Turkey’s most noteworthy sites with the largest audience. Considering that today’s shopping habits are almost entirely directed towards online channels, is an e-commerce platform that can constantly meet all of the needs of users and has a reliable payment infrastructure.

As 4A Labs, we provide solutions for Joker to ensure reliable and smooth streaming of activities on the online platform, so both the company and its customers can have a perfect shopping experience.

Joker Mobile Application (Apple Store / Google Play Store / Huawei Store)

As Turkey’s e-commerce platform with the most potential, we provide service to continue uninterrupted access to’s mobile channels.

We continue to work as the developer of Joker mobile applications compatible with IOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store, Huawei Store) operating systems.

According to current statistics, mobile applications attract 2-3 times more visits than websites. We undertake the responsibilities of providing uninterrupted service, performing reliable payment transactions, and presenting them to users in the best suitable way for many different brands and models.