New Generation Food Service

Meal Box is an online food takeaway service for individual and corporate subscribers. Since 2014, the range of services it provides include corporate hot gourmet lunch services, diet (fit) nutrition packages, high protein nutrition packages, home food packages, event / organization meals and special menus for holidays.

Custom Built Platform and Unique Experience

As 4A Labs, we renewed the technological infrastructure of Meal Box including its web and mobile interfaces. In addition, the upgrades we made on the technology have enabled the business model to improve in favor of the User.

By changing the face of the Meal Box website using newer technologies and design innovations, the users are exposed to a better experience. New designs were used for different product groups, without breaking away from the overall compatibility. Special screens were also prepared to ensure all mobile users share the same experience.

Customer Account Management

We designed and developed screens for Meal Box members to manage their meal subscriptions, view and change their weekly & monthly meal plans, and perform all transactions related to their membership.

Customer Service Integration Studies

As 4A Labs, we integrated the renewed Meal Box web site screens and technologies with the existing Customer Service panels and improvements on these panels.

Production & Distribution Screen Studies

The services offered by Meal Box were redesigned and improved for the stakeholders and employees working in the production and distribution stages.