Early Warning and Accident Prevention System

The nature of their surroundings make factories, manufacturing plants and on/off loading zones hazardous environments to work.

Forklifts, heavy duty carrying vehicles and humans share the same, often confined, space during everyday operations.

Accident Prevention System

Proximity aims to eliminate or minimize accidents that involve humans and vehicles in these situations.

Each person carries a location device which is embedded into their security vest and vehicles are fitted with a special hardware.

Proximity system captures the positions of each person and vehicle, iterating this 30 times a second.

In case the trajectory of a vehicle intersects with a human, the system automatically issues audial and visual alerts of the danger.

In case trajectories still intersect, Proximity system issues an immediate shut down command of the vehicle to avoid contact with humans.

Position, speed and direction information is available on a virtual map as well as heat maps.