Turkey’s largest furniture accessories firm with over 80% marketshare in Turkey.

SAMET employs 1.350 employees in its modern and high capacity manufacturing plants equipped at the cutting edge over an area of 80,500 m².  SAMET’s importance to innovation and design, has 130 employees working in its R&D institute. Samet exports to more than 100 countries on five continents, mainly consisting of USA, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Slovenia and China,

Digital View of Furniture

Samet’s sophisticated B2B e-Commerce Platform was developed for its customers, vendors, business partners and associates. It integrates with Samet’s ERP and CRM systems through sophisticated web services and stored procedures. This state-of-the-art platform is completely custom built using the latest technologies and UI/UX frameworks.

Completely custom designed and programmed Content Management System (CMS), which was developed for Samet’s sophisticated multi-language web site:  www.samet.com.tr

Distributor Management System

B2B and B2P Platforms: “Partner’s Club”

Custom designed and developed, Samet’s web and mobile distributor management software uses state of the art technologies while integrating real-time with its ERP (IFS) system. Using the system, Samet’s over 700 distributors can place and track all their orders across Turkey, Russia and USA. Distributers can view in detail their real-time financial data including invoice, payments, credit balances, bonuses, discounts, campaign gains. System also provides number of detail reporting functions utilizing its Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

B2C E-Commerce Platform: “Master’s Club”

Samet is aiming to reach not only the B2B channel but the final consumer. With the B2C e-Commerce platform we developed, they can reach buyers all over the world.

Mobile App Design and Development

Samet’s B2B e-Commerce Platform was developed for customers, vendors and business partners. This state-of-the-art digital platform, integrated with Samet’s ERP and CRM systems through advanced web services, is completely custom-built using state-of-the-art technologies and UI / UX frames.

Road Show: Visual Marketing Communication Projects

All visual communication works and technology infrastructure required for the Samet Masters Club event was done by us. TIR dressing, exhibition stand design, etc. We designed all the necessary areas for the event.

Creative Solutions

Samet branded product boxes, creative design and layout for stands and booths for the domestic international organizations & fairs, and new product launches.

Video Productions

Our creative team produced awesome videos, 3D Models, Animations and Rendering to reflect the company’s corporate culture and product lines across international arenas. Our animative company-intro video along with their top notch product launch & promotion for Samet was highly acclaimed and picked up a large number of interest and attention in the InterZoom 2015 Event.

All Print Design

We created all of Samet’s printed materials including brochures, catalogs, promotional and advertising materials along with their corporate brand & identity assets.