Over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multi-national ridesharing company, offering services that include peer-to-peer ride-sharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and a bicycle-sharing system. The company is based in San Francisco and has operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Exclusive Invoicing Solution Provider

4A Labs is the exclusive Fin-Tech solution provider of UBER delivering services in Tax Id Enrollment, Invoice Generation, Invoice Integration with Tax Authorities in various countries. We provide reporting, reconciliation, electronic-signature and ERP/MRP integrations of UBER financial operations for regulated government and tax authorities.

Uber Rides & Eats Portal

Uber's Newest Service: Uber Jump

Uber Jump is an electric bike (e-bike) and scooter share service offered by Uber that allows you to rent electric bikes and scooters to use for fun or transportation. While it’s a different, separate service from the ridesharing service Uber is known for, you can still access Uber Jump in the same Uber app used for purchasing rides from Uber drivers.

e-Invoicing Compliance Software

4A Labs e-Invoicing Compliance Software is the platform that controls the entire Electronic Tax Document (DTE) Issuance and Reception process and Electronic Purchase and Sale Tickets for B2B and B2C processes, respectively, integrating these processes with the corresponding Tax Authority (SII).