Industrial Solutions




We are living in an age of revolutionary changes due to the advancement of information technologies. In this period referred to as Industry 4.0, production and service processes are supported by artificial intelligence, automation systems and wireless connection and sensors.

4A Labs provides full service technology composed of equipment, software and other services to enable the digital transformation of businesses and organizations. Unique to each industry, your solution partner meets the requirements necessary to achieve the optimal level required by our age.

Our solutions are able to meet the unique needs of each sector. Industrial software helps maximize productivity thanks to accurate and fast data exchange, high performance automation and process control.

We work to make all of our customers’ operations compatible with Industry 4.0 and to manage their digital and physical assets optimally.

We recognize that sectoral differences are not just technical differences. We examine the sectoral history of each of our customers, the targets they have achieved and their capabilities.

We design solutions for the realization and optimization of automation processes. According to the requests of our customers, our design, software and business development staff are the integration of data with our hardware and software engineers.

Monitoring and protection systems through wireless networks, voice, video, telemetry and wireless integration systems are among our solutions.

4A Labs is not only working to advance the fourth industrial revolution, it also brings the people behind the industry forward with this revolution. Safe, efficient and continues to add value to the business world by providing sustainable solutions on a global scale.

Health & Safety Environment


Health & Safety Environment is a set of rules that express a set of measures to prevent work-related death, injury or serious illness.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field used to process the observed image data using algorithms to extract meaningful data. It is being developed by different engineering and computer science.

IOT/Telemety Solutions

Data retrieval technology from remote sensors or data acquisition systems is called telemetry. Telemetry systems transmit the received data to software for monitoring and analyzing.

Clean Energy

A real-time production optimization software aiming to instantaneously monitor the production data of solar, wind and hydroelectric power plants.

Oil & Gas

With solutions and software developed specifically for petroleum and natural gas refineries, we provide solutions in many areas from field measurement and forecasting systems to human resource measurement systems.

Smart City Tech & Solutions

Smart cities provide a cleaner environment, increased mobility, improved public services, and the promotion of greener and safer cities. Technologies such as IoT and big data analytics form the basis of smart cities.