Social Distancing Monitoring and Infection Risk

Social Distancing Monitoring and Infection Risk is essential during periods of epidemic diseases, such as Corona virus. Safe social distance is vital to prevent viruses to pass from person to person during pandemic periods.

Social distance monitoring that detects the distance between people in environments with risk of infection are an important criterion to prevent the spread of the disease.

Social Distance Monitoring and Infection Risk in a Pandemic

From past to present, epidemics pose a danger to all humanity. Epidemics, caused by a virus or bacteria, have killed millions of people so far. The biggest reason for the spread of epidemics  is that the carrier person infects other people with the disease. Therefore, the distance between people must be maintained in order to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases.

Especially today, the rate of urbanization has increased, the population of cities have become crowded. People are in contact in all social areas. Therefore, epidemics can easily spread among people. In order to stop the spread of the disease, attention should be paid to the distance between them, which we refer to as social distancing. Now, thanks to the technological possibilities and software, social distancing can be monitored automatically. With the inContact device developed by 4A Labs, the distance between people can be adjusted automatically.

Social Distance Warning Device

Since people are social, they live together and are in constant interaction. This situation, which is an advantage for daily life, can turn into a disadvantage during an epidemic. As 4A Labs, we have designed a device that automatically adjusts the social distance between people during pandemic periods. This device, called inContact, is a wearable device that works with Bluetooth technology.

The device, which establishes the wearer as the center and follows the people around, warns the user in case of any safe distance violation. The device, which can be paired with smart phones, provides clear and reliable data on social distance.

Infection Risk Tracking Device

Retrospective monitoring of infected people is as important as safe distance in preventing epidemics. People with whom the infected person has been in contact in recent days should also be monitored. The inContact device makes it possible to do this. The inContact device records in detail with whom the user has been in close contact, within the last 29 days. In this way, it can be determined who may have been infected with the disease in the past.

Especially in closed areas such as workplaces, the inContact device is an effective measure for the safety of people working together and for the continuation of work. It can prevent the spread of the epidemic, as well as provide clear historical data.